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Guaranty of low price

If u have a proposition price lower than ours,we will low our price even more!

Quality guarantee 

The quality of our cable is made by international standards!

Supporting by state-gouverment

Cable factory is built by public-privatee partnership


Our cable factory is a developer which made cable for specialized and public objects-projects.

The President of Kazahkstan visited Euroasian cable factory 

Nursultan Nazarbaev opened «Eurasian cable» factory which produses high technology cable and wire products.

Our products

Our factory produces all types of cable by GOS standard ,same we produce improved types of cable. You can order our cable here.








Quality of production

With the increase in electricity consumption and the launch of new industries, large private companies and developed countries have increased the requirements for cable products in order to reduce electricity losses and the cost of servicing power systems. Cable products manufactured in conventional factories failed to meet these standards due to outdated equipment and high production costs. So, there is an urgent need to create innovative production that is capable of producing cable products of a new generation. And in 2018, the President of Kazakhstan opened the Evrazkabel plant-factory, built on a public-private partnership. The cable produced at the Evrazkabel factory-plant according to GOST, IEC, DIN, BSI standards can now be purchased on the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, the CIS and in the countries of the Persian Gulf.

GOST is a standard adopted-confirmed by the supranational standardization body of the Eurasian Economic Union, which forms the requirements of the State for the high quality of its products.

IEC (IEC) - International Electrotechnical Commission - International Electrotechnical Commission. Non-profit organization for standardization in the field of international electrical, electronic and related technologies.

DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. - German Institute for Standardization. The main task of DIN is the development of regulatory and technical documentation, standards and regulations. For this purpose, DIN organizes the work of 26,000 experts from various fields of science and technology.

BSI - British Standards Institution - British Standards Institute. The world's largest provider of standards, including all aspects in the field of electrical technology. The BSI, which is included in the Royal Charter, is officially designated as the UK National Standardization Authority.

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How to check the quality?

Today, there are many factories and shops in the market of cable products in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries for the production of this type of product. Unfortunately, the majority of cable plants and, moreover, shops, manufacture products according to their unique Technical Conditions (TU), which do not comply with the GOST parameters or completely, or in terms of conductor ohmic resistance and insulation thickness. These specifications, developed by the manufacturers themselves, can comply with GOST only in some points: the conductor cross section, the quality of the metal used, the insulation thickness, which are the main indicators of product quality, will be an understatement of materials from 10% to 50%. Naturally, such a cable would be dangerous for use in any field of human activity. As the long-term in-depth analysis of the quality of manufacturing cable products produced in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan showed, the geometric parameters of the cable — diameter, cross-sectional area, thickness — can be made in accordance with the accepted GOST standard, but such cable may also not correspond to the electrical resistance of the conductor insulation specified in the standard.

Some manufacturers on their sites recommend checking the quality of products by the weight of the cable, the thickness of the conductor and other geometrical parameters. We believe that this is not correct, based on tests of this type of cable product, there is very often a product that does not pass the test for ohmic resistance of the core, since the dishonest manufacturer uses copper and aluminum with other metals, the core may not be twisted, the application Data "technology" significantly reduces the quality and cost of cable products. Aluminum and copper recycled or with a large number of impurities, is much cheaper and, accordingly, the manufacturer "shows compliance with GOST" in terms of geometrical parameters, while offering the buyer to double-check the quality of "simple test method", but in fact this cable is also not quality and dangerous in any application.

Dear partners, our innovative Eurasian cable plant, opened in 2018 and built on the latest automated technologies, produces cable strictly in accordance with the quality of GOST.We recommend that you test product quality not by weight and other geometrical parameters, but by the ohmic resistance of cable products and involve only state laboratories for such tests. Do not forget, the savings in money between bad and excellent quality is not great, but the use of poor-quality cable products can entail much greater financial losses and other risks.

Areas of use our cable

Electrical substation

Nuclear power plants

Industrial engineering

Power lines

Street lighting 

Civil Engineering

Oil and gas industry


Our advantages


New standards

We manufacture products according to international quality standards and the standards of the German, British Standards


New production

Production process and equipment of our plant is equipped with equipment based on the latest generation of Siemens operating systems, which makes it possible to produce an innovative cable with improved characteristics


State support

Public private partnership -Evrazkabel is an example of public-private cooperation, which guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations and reliability in working with clients of the highest level.


Low cost

Reduced cost of ownership- Innovations in the production of our cable products allow us to extend the life of the cable and reduce operating costs.

About us

In less than two years, as part of a public-private partnership in the Industrial Zone in Almaty, the first stage of the construction of the Eurasian Power Factory was completed, which was marked by the launch of a unique plant for the production of innovative cable products.

The newest equipment and technological lines of the commissioned plant allow to produce the entire line of cable products with a cross section up to 1600 mm kV and voltage from 0.66 kV to 330 kV, which meets the highest quality standards.

The presence of a rich commercial, industrial, research experience allowed our team to create, from scratch in the territory of the Eurasian Union, a plant for the production of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly cable products using the best innovative materials from leading metallurgical and petrochemical companies in the world. 

«Eurasian cable» is a plant specializing in the development and production of a unique low-cost cable that complies with the international energy standard MEK, European DIN Standard, British Standardization Institute BSI and Eurasian GOST.

Dynamics of construction

Start of construction of innovative factory «Eurasian cable»

May 2016

Completion of the first stage of construction

June 2018

Installation and configuration of production equipment 

August 2018

Start of production

September 2018

year of foundation


regions of supply


м² production area


years of commercial experience

Photo Gallery

The history of the company

  • 2005

    Year of foundation of the company

  • 2007

    Creating a branch network in the largest cities of Kazakhstan and Russia

  • 2011

    Acquisition of modern cable production year

  • 2012

    Opening of the branch network in the Gulf countries year

  • 2014

    Acquisition of a unique cable production in Russia

  • 2016

    Start of construction of the Eurasian Energy Works, which includes innovative cable production

  • 2018

    Launch of a unique production of the entire line of cable products with voltage up to 220 kv

Advantages of products

Innovative Solutions

New technologies make it possible to produce stronger, safer and more durable cable products for all branches of civil and industrial construction.

Warranty up to 50 years

All products of the Eurasian cable plant are provided with an extended comprehensive guarantee.

Localized characteristics

All cables can be made for different climatic conditions, taking into account temperature differences, humidity and the necessary mechanical loads.


Modern technological solutions allow to obtain higher quality characteristics of products and save both on installation and in the process of operation of the facility.

Our objects

Information about significant construction sites where our cable products are used

Esentai Mall

Esentai Mall is a unique project of Capital Partners, which was designed and developed to offer a special atmosphere and conditions of international level for shopping and entertainment.

Metrostroy Almaty

Almatymetrokurylys JSC was established on the basis of enterprises of transport and mining construction, participating in the construction of railway tunnels of the Baikal-Amur Railway, metro cities of Novosibirsk, Moscow, Tashkent and mining enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Coca-Cola Almaty

Coca-Cola Almaty plant In 1994, the enterprise was founded by the JV Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers LLP, which is part of the Coca-Cola İcecek Company. JV Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers LLP is one of the largest producers of non-alcoholic beverages in Kazakhstan.

Highland skating rink «Medeo»

“Medeo” is a sports complex built in the Medeo mountain tract at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level, near the southern capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

Almaty Arena

Almaty Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The arena was opened on September 18, 2016 and placed 12,000 spectators for ice hockey.


MEGA Alma-Ata is a large shopping and entertainment center in Almaty. MEGA Alma-Ata was opened on October 25, 2006. The total area of the center is 85,629 m², and the commercial area is 45 716 m².

Where to buy Eurasian Cable? 

Evrazkabel factory supplies products to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, China, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan.